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NABSE President's Corner

Carrol Thomas
The National Alliance of Black School Educators
President's Corner

NABSE President's Bulletin
Dear NABSE Colleagues:

As I begin my tenure as president of NABSE, I want to thank all of you for the great vote of confidence by electing me to lead this great organization into the next decade. I promise you that I will do my absolute best to take NABSE to the next level of greatness and accomplishment. I acknowledge that I am taking the helm during a time when this great nation of ours is under great economic duress. The current economic climate places before us many challenges and budgetary restraints that will likely be with us for awhile. NABSE, however, has faced challenges before and it has been able to relentlessly forge ahead with success. I am determined to strategically lead and advance NABSE to better financial footing and be victorious again. I am the first to admit that I cannot advance NABSE alone. I will need the assistance of all of NABSE's stakeholders. I will need the help of the NABSE membership, parents, private industry, higher education students and professionals, clergy, and public officials as we expand NABSE membership, develop additional programs and advance the academic proficiency of underachieving students-in particular those of African descent. I would like to hear from you and obtain your ideas and recommendations as we prepare for 2010. The success of any organization is directly connected to open and constructive communication. Please feel free to email me at www.nabse.org/contact.html. Thank you and I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year.

Best Wishes,

Carrol A. Thomas, Ed. D.
NABSE President

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