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Policy Commissions: NABSE has seven commissions which conduct research and educational activities around special issues in education. These commissions include:

Administration: addresses concerns related to the administration and governance of school districts and focuses on the management of local schools and explores innovative practices related to school operations.

Governance in Education: examines education policy and develops legislative strategies to address the policy reform priorities of the Alliance.

Higher Education: addresses programming, policy development and administrative issues of importance to institutions of higher education.

Instruction & Instructional Support: explores facets of instructional methodologies with emphasis on local school instructional priorities.

Retired Educators: functions to recognize the contributions and talents of retirees, develop programs to enhance the quality of life for NABSE members, especially its retirees, and promote financial support for the NABSE Foundation.

Superintendents: provides a forum for information exchange and collaboration among current and former superintendents of public educational systems.

Parents: promotes an open, inclusive and supportive structure for families seeking quality educational services that promote best practices, research-based programs and partnerships for the development of children of African descents.

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NABSE Mission

The National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) is the nation's premiere non-profit organization devoted to furthering the academic success for the nation's children - particularly children of African descent. Now in its 38th year, NABSE boasts an outreach to more than 10,000 preeminent educators including teachers, administrators, superintendents as well as corporate and institutional members. Founded in 1970, NABSE is dedicated to improving both the educational experiences and accomplishments of African American youth through the development and use of instructional and motivational methods that increase levels of inspiration, attendance and overall achievement.

To that end, NABSE seeks to:

  • Promote and facilitate the education of all students, with a particular focus on African American students;
  • Establish a coalition of African American educators, administrators and other professionals directly and indirectly involved in the educational process;
  • Create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve opportunities for African American educators and students;
  • Identify and develop African American professionals who will assume leadership positions in education and influence public policy concerning the education of African Americans.

NABSE's compelling mission and purposes are achieved through three primary areas of focus:

  • Professional Development Programs that strengthen the skills of teachers, principals, specialists, superintendents and school board members;
  • Information Sharing around innovative instructional and learning strategies that have proven successful in motivating African American youth and increasing academic performance in critical learning areas; and
  • Policy Advocacy to ensure high standards and quality in our public and private education systems
  • Research programs of the Charles D. Moody, Sr. Institute produce projects that identify educational practices that demonstrate excellence in the school performance of African American studies.