NABSE must ensure that its efforts are relevant!  It is important that NABSE develops programming that is strategically designed and relevant to the current needs of students and educators.  The efforts of local affiliates, state affiliates and national commissions should embrace the organizations past while connecting to the reality of the 21st Century.


NABSE must ensure that its efforts are impactful!  The experiences that members and participants have while engaging with the organization should be transformative.  The benefits of their experiences should be seen and heard when they return to their respective positions. They should be able to translate their learning to impact others within their sphere of influence.


NABSE must engage in efforts that are sustainable!  The organization must ensure that appropriate protocols are in place to facilitate the development of long-term relationships that will be here through the future.  NABSE must engage in new models and modes of communication that will allow the organization to leverage its platform while building a network of learning that transcends its annual conference.


NABSE must ensure a mark of excellence!  NABSE has to be intentional at all levels (local, state, national) to represent a brand of high performance and high expectations.  The organization’s signage, logos, website and interactions are a representation of the mission and goals of the organization and therefore must bear a trademark of excellence.