NABSE has seven commissions which conduct research and educational activities around special issues in education. These commissions include:

  • Administration Commission

    The commission addresses concerns related to the administration and governance of school districts and focuses on the management of local schools and explores innovative practices related to school operations.

  • Governance in Education Commission

    The commission examines education policy and develops legislative strategies to address the policy reform priorities of the Alliance.

  • Higher Education Commission

    The commission addresses programming, policy development and administrative issues of importance to institutions of higher education.

  • Instruction & Instructional Support Commission

    The commission explores facets of instructional methodologies with emphasis on local school instructional priorities.

  • Retired Educators Commission

    The commission functions to recognize the contributions and talents of retirees, develop programs to enhance the quality of life for NABSE members, especially its retirees, and promote financial support for the NABSE Foundation.

  • Superintendents Commission

    The commission provides a forum for information exchange and collaboration among current and former superintendents of public educational systems.

  • Parents Commission

    The commission promotes an open, inclusive and supportive structure for families seeking quality educational services that promote best practices, research-based programs and partnerships for the development of children of African descent.