December 16, 2023

Dear NABSE Family!

There are only a few days left before we welcome in the new year! If you are like me, this is the time where I am trying to balance closing out 2023, catching up on projects and a growing list of to-dos while also planning for 2024. Somewhere in there, I try to squeeze in rest and have a little fun. So please pardon my interruption as I thank you for your membership and support of the National Alliance of Black School Educators.

As we all welcome A New Tomorrow for NABSE — a future filled with hope, possibilities, and endless opportunities, I also want to provide you with updates and share information.

Laissez les bons Temps Rouler

The Good Times did, indeed, roll during our 51st Conference held the last week of November in New Orleans. We welcomed a record breaking 2,500 attendees from across the world for three days of learning and networking. Our opening plenary keynote, Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson’s message set the tone and the culminating ceremony that allowed us -- royalty -- to dress up in our finest purple attire. There were countless receptions, sessions, convenings, meetings and events that allowed us to do exactly what we said we were going to do: Level Up and Lead the Way.

Now that the 51st NABSE conference has ended, we are already looking forward to preparing for the 52nd NABSE conference. We want to make the next conference even more impactful and valuable for all attendees. By now you should have received a survey asking for your feedback and input. For your convenience, I have included the link here.

New Leadership
I am honored and humbled that you’ve placed your trust and confidence in me to serve as your next NABSE President. I often think about how far we’ve come and recognize that I am standing on the shoulders of great leaders and representing thousands of educational legends.

Thank you to our immediate Past President, Dr. Nardos King and all the past leaders and founders who served NABSE so well. The success of our organization would not be possible without their vision, wisdom, sacrifice and contributions. We welcome new leaders who will carry the torch:


President Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney
President-Elect Dr. Kimberly McLeod
Treasurer Dr. Geneva A. Stark Pittman
Secretary Ms. Statia Paschel

Immediate Past President Dr. Nardos E. King


Mrs. Stephanie Alexander Johnson, Chairperson Parents Commission
Dr. Dianne Hatchett, Chairperson Superintendents Commission
Dr. Richard Gray, Chairperson Governance Commission
Dr. William Blake, Chairperson Administration Commission
Dr. Sylvia Hill, Chairperson Higher Education Commission
Ms. Shawn McKay, Chairperson Instruction and Instructional Support Commission
Dr. Zona W. Jefferson, Chairperson Retired Educators Commission


Dr. Rahesha Amon, Representative Northeast Region
Mr. Anthony Harris, Representative Southeast Region
Mr. Thandabantu Maceo, Representative Midwest Region
Ms. Linda Martley-Jordan, Representative West Region
Ms. Darlene Upshaw-Tynes, Representative International Region
Dr. Marian Willard, Representative Southwest Region


Dr. Emma L. Marshall Epps, Chairperson, NABSE Foundation
Ms. Tai Jones Chapman, Corporate Representative
Dr. Patricia Ackerman, Strategic Initiatives
Mr. Robert Robinson, PRP, Constitution & Bylaws and Parliamentarian
Dr. J. R. Greene, Legislative Liaison
Dr. Shawn Joseph, Research and Publications

We will continue to find members to Chair very important work including Membership and Communications.

Executive Director Search

Ray and Associates identified candidates for this important role. A special committee, chaired by immediate Past President Dr. Nardos King, current members and board members will support the search. I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to the ideas and vision a new leader will bring.

A special thank you to Dr. Fadhilika Atiba-Weza for his commitment to NABSE. He supported our organization through a time of change and helped us to reorganize and energize into the organization we are today. We will forever be grateful for his work.

A New Tomorrow
As you wind down 2023 and gear up for the promises of 2024, know that NABSE is prepared. As the leader, I promise a new tomorrow for NABSE.

We will work together to leave a legacy, allowing future generations to thrive in ways that our ancestors could only imagine. Together, we can conquer any challenge that comes our way and create a tomorrow that surpasses our wildest dreams.

  • A new tomorrow — We embrace the potential for growth, progress, and positive change.
  • A new tomorrow — We will move our organization forward with conviction and urgency.
  • A new tomorrow — We will build the roads and bridges that connect us and pave our paths forward.
  • A new tomorrow — We will harness each other's strengths to overcome obstacles.
  • A new tomorrow — We will use our knowledge, positions, and resources to make NABSE the premier international organization.

I am positive that together, we can shape a world that is better, brighter, and full of endless possibilities. So let us unite, let us work hand in hand, and let us — NABSE — march forward into this new tomorrow.

Thank you for all that you do. Please enjoy your holidays!

Best regards,

Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney

Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney
National Alliance of Black School Educators

Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney - NABSE President