Hello NABSE Affiliate/Affiliate Parent Commission

The NABSE Parent Commission had the opportunity to collaborate with the National Fatherhood Initiative and Mocha Moms Inc. to sponsor the July 20th webinar “ Vaccination’s, Return to In-Person Learning and What All Parents Need to Know” of which key representatives from the U.S. Dept. of Education and the Center for Disease Control discussed and answered questions relative to the safety of school openings, what classrooms would/should look like, the safety of vaccines for youth, priorities, policies, etc.

With the 2021-22 school year fast approaching, the NABSE Parent Commission is requesting that each affiliate and/or affiliates with an active parent commission make a concerted effort to reach out to parents by September 8, 2021, to provide them with information and/or plans for an upcoming event which would provide parents an opportunity for conversations that address any concerns, needs, and fears they may have regarding the upcoming school year. Many parents are facing the same issues no matter where they live, however, we ask you to assess the parent needs within your community to determine what topics would be most beneficial to the parents you serve. We do however strongly suggest that you include in your planning a way to address the Social Emotional Learning of their child, as well as the mental health of the parents. If hosting an event, we propose that it is scheduled for no later than September 30, 2021.

Some suggestions we would like to give to you for consideration include but are not limited to:

Mindfulness training/session

Techniques for Stress Management

Provide resources where Parents can reach out and find help for various stressors


Activities to address these concerns:


Zoom meeting

Public forum/meeting

Collaboration with the school district or other community organizations which serve parents.

Links to regional/national resources that affiliates could utilize.

We hope that each affiliate will fulfill this request as we know that when we help parents, we are also helping children! Please report back to the NABSE Parent Commission what you implemented, the date of occurrence or how information was distributed, and the number of parents who attended or received information by October 15, 2021.  Information can be sent to: parentcommission@nabse.org.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional assistance regarding this request.


Betty J. Maceo

NABSE Parent Commission Chair