1.  I have been a member of NABSE for years, but I am unable to login to the website with my membership information.

Your membership information is still good, but will not work on NABSE's new website.  You will need to create a new membership account through the website.  Doing so will provide you with a new membership information.

2.   If I already have a membership, why do I need to create a new account through the NABSE website?

Establishing your membership through the website will assist you and NABSE with access to current information and membership communications.

3.   I am a paid NABSE Life Member.  How can I setup my membership through the website?

Please proceed with creating a membership account and select NABSE Life Member (paid in full).  After your account is created, you life membership will be verified for continued access.  Life Memberships that cannot be verified will be terminated from the website.

4.   What should I do if I have questions regarding my NABSE membership?

NABSE membership questions should be directed to [email protected].

5.   How can I find out the status of my membership?

NABSE membership dues are annual for all membership levels with the exception of paid in full Life Memberships.  If you have not paid dues for the current fiscal year your membership status is inactive.  Dues should be remitted by August 31st of each year.

6.   I am taking graduate classes at a university.  Do I qualify for the NABSE's Student Membership?

No.  NABSE's Student Membership is specifically for undergraduate students who have not yet entered the workforce.

7.  I am not an educator.  Can I become a member of NABSE?

Absolutely!  NABSE is for educators and supporters of education who are seeking to make a difference in the lives of students and other educators.

8.  Is NABSE only for people of African American descent?

Not at all.  NABSE is for anyone  who supports education.